Agricultural Production

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Focuses on increasing production and productivity of crops, livestock, and fish in a manner so as to ensure food security, nutrition, and increased house hold incomes.

Major functions of the sector:


Enforcing laws and regulations to address the challenges of crop and livestock diseases, and supporting the control of diseases, pests and vermin.


Ensuring that coordination and synergies are enhanced between agricultural research, supply of inputs and extension services as well as agro-processing, value addition and market access.


Formulation of Action plans focusing on; Irrigation technologies, strengthening measures to protect the environment and avert climate change effects on food security and tree planting.


Promoting food safety and standards for domestically consumed products through enforcement of standards and enhancing regulations.


Strengthening farmer associations /cooperatives to streamline provision of extension services, improve farmer mobilization and linkage of farmer associations to agro-industries.


Aquaculture development and promoting collaboration between public, Government and the private sector.