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The district is composed of 91 parishes and 594 villages as indicated in the tables below. The district headquarters are in Luwero Town Council, a road distance of about 64 km along the Kampala – Gulu Highway. The District Local Government has two arms namely political which is headed by the District Chairperson and technical headed by Chief Administrative Officer. The major responsibility of the political arm is policy formulation and monitoring of service delivery, whereas the technical arm implements government policies and programmes. The figure 1.1 here under illustrates the organization structure of Luwero District Local Government.  

For governance purposes, Luwero district is divided into ten sub-counties and three Town councils and 10 Sub counties.

Town councils:

1 Luwero

2 Bombo

3 Wobulenzi

 The following are the town councils that make up Luwero District:

1. Bamunanika                6. Kikyusa

2. Butuntumula               7. Luwero

3. Kalagala                     8. Makulubita

4. Kamira                       9. Nyimbwa

5. Katikamu                   10. Zirobwe


Political and Administrative Structure

District Notice Board

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