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Mandate: To ensure that all residents of Luwero District access quality health care and are participating in the production of health as individuals, households and communities. Once they are healthy, they will actively participate in socio-economic growth and Development of Uganda.

The sector has continued to play this role in accordance with the Second National Health Policy and the Health Sector Development plan (HSDP) which is well aligned to the National Development plan.


(i)     Curative, Preventive and Health Promotive Services were provided to the population using the most cost effective and socially acceptable strategies/approaches.

      All components of the Uganda National Minimum Health Care Package were implemented by all Programme implementers including Government Health Units and NGO implementers.

      Out patients attendance 94 %.

      ANC coverage 96.3 %

      Family planning coverage modern methods increased from 44.6 % to 59.1%

      Measles coverage 113.3%

      Deliveries assisted by skilled personnel 67%

      IPT coverage 53.4%

      Dropout rate 12.1%

      PCV3 coverage 119.4%

      A total of 14,295 HIV positive clients are now enrolled into ART treatment (60% of the eligible population).

(i)     Disease Epidemics and out breaks were avoided by active disease surveillance.

(ii)  Medicine stock outs in Health facilities have been minimized through regular supply and distribution of medicines and supplies by National Medical supplies.

(iii)            Knowledge, skills and competence of Health workers has been improved through in service training courses and upgrading.

(iv) During this financial Year the sector progressed with construction of a general ward /block in Luwero HCIV- phase IV. Currently there is work in progress for the next phase.

(v)    Efforts are still being made to lobby Government to upgrade Luwero HC IV to Hospital status.

(vi) Payment of health workers salaries with shs.4.6 billion (78% of the health sector budget)

(vii)          Implementation of the Uganda Minimum Health Care package. The Health Sector Programs implementation is guided by the National Health Policy II and the 5-year Health Sector Development Plan (HSDP) 2015/16-2019/20. The sector bases its Programs planning and implementation on the Uganda National Minimum Health Care Package (UNMHCP). The above package entails the minimum health care that every person should have access to. The technical Health Care Programs that constitute the National Minimum Health Care Package are cost effective interventions that are considered to have the highest impact on reducing morbidity and mortality contributors to the disease burden using existing resources.

The Minimum Health Care Package Includes the Following

      Control of Communicable Diseases: Malaria, STD/HIV/AIDs; Tuberculosis.

      Integrated Management of Childhood illness (IMCI),

      Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


      Environmental Health

      Health Education and Promotion

      School Health Programs

      Epidemic & disaster prevention, preparedness and response.

      Improving Nutrition.

      Interventions against diseases targeted for elimination or eradication.

      Strengthening Mental Health Services

      Essential Clinical Care

Expenditure Priorities for development grant FY 2019/20




 Completion of Construction of  100 bed Ward in Luwero HC IV 1st floor


Solar installation in 8 facilities


Latrine for Maternity Zirobwe HCIII


Renovation of Maternity ward of Bukalasa HCIII 


District Health Committee planting trees at Zirobwe HCIII

PREFA donating equipments for indoor and outside games, IEC materials, for the youth friendly services.


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