Mandate: To provide support, guide, coordinate, regulate and promote quality education and sports to all children, for integration, individual benefit and development.
Key Achievements FY 2018/2019
School Inspection
• 379 schools out of 650 primary schools were inspected in the district.
• Inspection is carried out by Education Inspectors and Associate Assessors.
• The inspections have resulted into improved attendance for both teachers and pupils, consequently leading to improved syllabus coverage and literacy levels. Primary one to four pupils have greatly improved in reading and comprehension.
• The journey activities implementation has greatly improved the teacher learners, parents’ teachers’ relationship and the general learning, safe and caring environment.
Universal Primary Education (UPE):
Under Universal Primary Education (UPE) programme, the department received 741,099,330/= (Seven hundred forty one million ninety nine thousand three hundred thirty shillings) and 229 schools benefited. The funds were deposited to Schools’ Accounts by the District.
Universal Secondary Education (USE):
Under Universal Secondary Education (USE) Programme, the department received 1,967,820,456 /= (One billion nine hundred sixty seven million eight hundred twenty thousand four hundred fifty six shillings) and 47 USE schools benefited. 109 out of 127 schools have been inspected. Teachers and students attendance is improving and proper running of schools ensured.
(i) School Facilities Grant: Under the SFG Programme, the department has planned to construct two (2) classrooms and Latrines at the schools below to ensure improved classroom latrine pupil ratios.
Construction of Classrooms 2019/2020 under SFG:
1 Kasana St. Jude p/s 2 Luwero TC 60 million
2 Kawe C/U P/S 2 Kikyusa SC 60 million
3 Bombo mixed P/S 2 Bombo SC 60 million
4 Prince musanje P/S 2 Makulubita S/C 60 million
5 Kankole P/S 2 Bamunanika S/C. 60 million
6 Nsaasi Umea P/S 2 Luwero S/C. 60 million
7 Lukole Umea P/s. 2 Kalagala S/C 60 million

(i) Construction of latrines 2019/20 under DDEG:
Kiiya Primary school
(ii) School construction and completion:
Completion of a 3-classroom block and office at Lusenke C/U Primary School.
(iii) Construction of a 2-classroom block at Bombo Common primary school.

Secondary school construction 2019/2020.
• Construction of Katikamu Seed secondary sch. Katikamu s/c 625 million
• Completion of Makulubita seed secondary Sch. Makulubita s/c 150 million.
(i) Support to Universal Primary and Universal Secondary Education.
(ii) To intensify School Inspection and Support supervision for quality education.
(iii) To build capacity for Members of school Management Committees.
(iv) To sensitize parents and committees on children feeding and other education related issues. Parents encouraged to contributing food in kind especially in rural areas.
(v) Streamline cross cutting issues of gender, HIV/Aids and environment in schools.
(vi) Strengthen co-curricular activities for talent development.
(vii) Conducting Primary Leaving Mock and Primary Leaving Examinations
(viii) Conducting sensitization meetings for Private Schools, Proprietors and Head teachers.
(ix) Mobilization for pupil enrolment and retention in schools.
(x) Renovation of Education Department premises.
(xi) Renovation Rehabilitation of schools (unfunded).
(xii) Licensing and registering ECD centers.
(xiii) Holding an Education Conference for all stakeholders.