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Mandate: Natural Resources Department is mandated to conserve the environment and natural resources as well as ensuring security of land tenure and holdings in the District.


                    i.            Conducted inventory for Danze and Lumansi wetland system in Makulubita, Katikamu, Nyimbwa sub counties and in town councils of Bombo and Wobulenzi.

                  ii.            Conducted stakeholder’s awareness meetings for Lumansi Wetland system both at the district and in Nyimbwa Sub County. The objective was to sensitize the key stakeholders on the purpose of demarcating the wetland system.

                iii.            Demarcation of Lumansi Wetland system in the Sub County of Nyimbwa and Bombo Town Council. The exercise was supported by the MWE (Wetland Management Department).

                iv.            Conducted 12 awareness meetings on wetland management in Sub Counties of Luwero, Bamunanika, Nyimbwa, Makulubita, Zirobwe, Kamira, Kikyusa, Kalagala, and Bombo TC and at the district level.

                  v.            Reviewed 8 Environment Impact Assessment for the proposed sites for petrol stations, Poultry and agricultural farms in Butuntumula, Makulubita, Katikamu, Kalagala, Sub Counties and Bombo Town Council.

                vi.            Conducted 110 compliance monitoring visits in Environment, Forestry, Lands and physical planning sectors.

              vii.            Tree planting and afforestation to restore degraded farm land (maintaining district nursery and provide quality planting materials)

            viii.            Construction of the green house for Multiplication of eucalyptus clones in Luwero Town Council is in progress.

                ix.            7 agro forestry demonstrations were supported in Kamira, Kikyusa, Butuntumula, Zirobwe, Kalagala Sub-counties.

                  x.            Trained farmers on land preparation and 17 private tree nursery operators on seed collection, handling and storage in Luwero, Luwero Wobulenzi and Bombo T/Cs.

                xi.            Collected Shs. 2,000,000 from casual pine and eucalyptus tree harvesting permit for logs.

              xii.            40 building plans were approved in Kikyusa, Makulubita, Butuntumula, Zirobwe, Katikamu, Luwero, and Kalagala Sub Counties.

            xiii.            Organized 5 physical planning committee meetings.

            xiv.            Land surveys, title transactions including mortgages, caveats, transfers, mutations, searches and issuing new titles were conducted.

              xv.            Revenue totaling to shs. 30,827,300 were collected from land transaction.


  • Awareness creation on environment and wetlands management among stakeholders.
  • Conduct community wetland management planning workshops 
  • Technical backstopping of the Sub-County and Town Council Environment Focal Person and other stakeholders on wetlands and environment management
  • Conduct field activities to monitor compliance to environment and wetland laws
  • Update the inventory report for Lubenge and Namunyaga wetland systems.
  • Monitor compliance to environment laws
  • Tree planting and a forestation to restore degraded farm land (maintaining district nursery and provide quality planting materials)
  • Offer forestry extension services to tree farmers (agro forestry based extension and demonstrations)
  • Routine inspection to monitor biological and the physical integrity of the Local Forest Reserves and ensure compliance to forestry laws.
  • Conduct field visits to monitor compliance with Physical Planning Act and other related laws
  • Procuring filing cabinets for keeping physical planning and land records
  • Conducting sensitization workshops on Planning Act  2010
  • Conduct district physical planning committee meetings
  • Register interests in land and supervise surveys in the district.

Natural Resources