Luwero District Local Government Clients Charter

Luwero District Local Government has prepared a 3nd Edition of Client Charter based on the District Mandate and linkage to National Development plan and International Millennium Goals, Vision, mission, Values, experiences and challenges encountered in the implementation of our 1st and 2nd Editions. This Publication presents the Mandatory Service Commitments and specific commitments for Luwero District Local Government. Dissemination of this charter through public meeting (Barazas), workshops, radio programs and institutionalized feedback and complaints handling are emphasized as key factor to enhance accountability and client focus in the provision of public service to clients of Luwero District Local Government. Mandate and Linkage to National Development Plan and attainment of Millennium Development Goals Luwero District Local Government derives her mandate of service delivery from the constitution of the republic of Uganda (1995) and the Local Government Act Cap.243. The National Development Plan (NDP) covers the fiscal period 2010/11 to 2014/15. It stipulates the country’s medium term strategic direction, development priorities and implementation strategies. In addition, it details Uganda’s current development status, challenges and opportunities. The development approach of the NDP intertwines economic growth and poverty eradication. The NDP also addresses structural bottlenecks in the economy in order to accelerate socioeconomic transformation for prosperity. Luwero District Client Charter has set commitments to ensure that the District attains the set Millennium Development Goals by year 2015.

" Vision ‘’

An empowered, just, and social –economically vibrant community

’’ Mission “

To serve the community through the coordinated delivery of services focusing on national priorities and significant local needs for sustainable development?

” Our Core Values and Principles"

We undertake to be guided by the following values principles in the way we serve our clients. Integrity We shall observe absolute honesty in all our official acts. This shall extend beyond financial considerations to include un merited advantage of any kind to the person, family or friends. Objectivity In the execution of our duties we shall exercise impartiality and shall demonstrate professional objectivity. Professionalism We shall at whatever level exercise maximum and standardized code of conduct. We shall therefore exercise selflessness, honesty and will always accept constructive criticism.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020