Mandate: Planning Unit is to coordinate planning and development of comprehensive and integrated District development plans, monitor and evaluate their implementation, and developing and maintaining an up -to -date district data bank.
1. The department coordinated and conducted 9 District Technical and 5 budget desk, and all minutes produced as it is the secretariat to the committee.
2. Produced the Budget Performance contract for financial year 2018/19 and submitted to Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development MoFPED as required.
3. Under DDEG the following projects were undertaken:
• Two classroom blocks at Bukasa UMEA and Ndejje Junior primary schools were constructed and they are ready for hand over and consequently put to use.
• Seven five-stance pit latrines were constructed at Makonkonyigo P/S, Kabulanaka P/S, Nalinya-Lwantale P/S, Bombo mixed P/S, Nsaasi UMEA P/S, Kasana St Jude P/S and Damascus P/S. However, the one at Damascus P/S hit an underlying bed rock of granite which was too hard to excavate through, thereby calling for change of site or technology. The District Executive Committee resolved that the facility be shifted to Nkokonjeru Islamic P/S and works is in progress.
• Three five-stance VIP lined pit latrines were constructed at Luwero SDA P/S, Luteete UMEA P/S and Bombo UMEA P/S and work is still in progress.
• Supported construction of District Administration office block (phase iii), i.e. casting of slab for one wing.
• Supported the District nursery bed and tree planting as mitigation against climate change.
(i) Coordinated the transfer of the DDEG funds under multi sectoral transfers to 13 LLGs for all the three quarters.
(ii) The Budget conference was organized to capture the views of all stakeholders in the budgeting process for FY 2019/20.
(iii) The Budget Framework Paper (BFP) for FY 2019/20 was prepared and submitted to MoFPED for integration into the national budget.
(iv) Carried out performance assessment for Lower Local Governments were shared in DTPC for performance improvement. This was followed by the National Assessment by the Office of the Prime Minister are still waiting for the report.
 Preparation of the third District Development Plan FY 2020/21 to 2024/25.
 Compile and update the district Annual Statistical Abstract 2019 for influencing decision making.
 Update the harmonized database
 Conduct and coordinate Internal and National Assessment.
 Carry out Monitoring & Evaluation of DDP, projects and programmes.
 Coordinate all DDEG projects:
o Retention for construction of 5 stance VIP pit latrine at Kabulanaka P/S, Nsaasi UMEA P/S, Kasana St Jude P/S, Bombo Mixed P/S, Makonkonyigo, Nalinya Lwantale P/S, Nkokonjeru Islamic P/S, Luwero SDA P/S, Luteete UMEA P/S & Bombo UMEA P/S.
o Construction of 5 stance VIP pit latrine at Kayindu C/U p/s; Kiiya p/s, Nambi UMEA p/s, Nandere girls p/s, Kikunyu-Kabugo P/S, Nyimbwa C/U P.S, Nakabululu p/s, Giriyada p/s and Kyetume C/U P/s; Construction of 5 stance VIP lined pit latrine at Damuscus P/S..
o Construction of two classroom block at Bombo mixed P/S.
o Completion of three classroom block and office at Lusenke C/U P/S
o Renovation of a three classroom block at Bombo Islamic P/S
 Support District nursery bed & tree to cater for climate change adaptation.
 Support construction of District planting Administration block (phase IV).
 Conduct and supervise LC III participatory planning meetings.
 Coordinate 12 DTPC & Budget desk meetings
 Organize and coordinate District budget Conference
 Preparation and submission of BFP for fy 2020/2021.
 Preparation of performance contracts and detailed Budget estimates for FY 2020/21
 Preparation and submission of quarterly PBS progress reports which is a prerequisite to access Central Government Transfers.
 Repair photocopier
 Procurement of Printer with scanner
 Procurement of camera for Information Office
 Coordinate transfer of LRDP special Micro project funds to groups