People and the culture

Monday, September 14, 2020

The Buganda’s clan system is central to its culture. A clan represents a group of people who can trace their lineage to a common ancestor in some distant past. In the customs of Buganda,there are 52 recognized clans,each with a clan head  and out of which there is one royal clan(engo) from which the Kabaka is born. Each clan is recognized by a given totem and named respectively by the totem name.The Baganda took great care to trace their ancestry through this clan structure. A formal introduction of a Muganda includes his own names, the names of his father and paternal grandfather, as well as a description of the family’s lineage within the clan that it belongs to. Formal greeting in Buganda also requires for a lady to kneel before her elders and men while she humbly greets. This is a sign of respect and proper upbringing of a female child within the kingdom. Informal education was always embraced within the kingdom, under this, boys at their teenage age were taught how to hunt by the elderly men of the kingdom whereas girls were taken on by the elderly women, taught cooking, weaving and other basic home duties.