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Classrooms construction is one the key priorities for Luwero District

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Road maintenance is done to ensure community access…

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Road Unit

New Road Maintenance Unit Launch by the Minister…

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Road maintenance

Communities of Bamunanika and Kikyusa Sub counties are…

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Pineapple farming has improved the incomes of the communities


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Maize milling factory

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Landing Site at Buzibwera in Kikyusa Sub county

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Group Photo

Trainees pose for a photo after Operator training…

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Percentage of population below poverty line

According to the survey on poverty carried out by UBOS in 2005, on average Luwero was found out to have 30 percent of it is population living below the poverty line, which is lower than the National average of 31 percent. However, Kamira Sub County had the highest poverty rate of 32 percent followed by Kikyusa at 26 percent, while Wobulenzi Town council had the lowest poverty rate at 4 percent. The most probable reason for Kamira having the highest poverty rate could be due to the fact that the area is dry and crop production becomes hard since it’s a cattle corridor.. All Town councils have a poverty rate of less than 8 percent. Table 3.13 shows the poverty rates of the different sub counties with Luwero district.

Table 3.13: Luwero district Poverty rates by Sub County of as of 2005

District/County/Sub county Estimated no. of poor individuals Estimated no. of Individuals interviewed 2005 Individual head count (% Individuals below poverty line)
Luwero District 126,995 417,472 30.42
Bamunanika 31,117 136,777 22.75
Bamunanika 5,249 24,289 21.61
Zirobwe 7,222 35,684 20.24
Kikyusa 6,268 24,247 25.85
Kalagala 5,948 32,629 18.23
Kamira 6,433 19,928 32.28
Katikamu County 23,234 160,013 14.52
Luwero S/C 6,374 28,879 22.07
Luwero T/C 1,838 23,264 7.9
Wobulenzi T/C 795 18,526 4.29
Nyimbwa 2,455 18,484 13.28
Bombo T/C 1,190 16,685 7.13
Katikamu 4,321 27,157 15.91
Butuntumula 4,779 18,083 26.43
Makulubita 1,480 8,935 16.56

Source: UDHS/ UBOS 2005