Luwero District Local Government welcomes you to the Official website. Thank you very much for visiting our Website may God reward you
Luwero District
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Group Photo

Trainees pose for a photo after Operator training…

Group Photo Group Photo

Landing Site at Buzibwera in Kikyusa Sub county

Landing Site at Buzibwera in Kikyusa Sub county Landing Site at Buzibwera in Kikyusa Sub county

Maize milling factory

Maize milling factory Maize milling factory

Pineapple farming has improved the incomes of the communities


Pineapple farming has improved the incomes of the communities Pineapple farming has improved the incomes of the communities

Road maintenance

Communities of Bamunanika and Kikyusa Sub counties are…

Road maintenance Road maintenance

Road Unit

New Road Maintenance Unit Launch by the Minister…

Road Unit Road Unit


Road maintenance is done to ensure community access…

Roads Roads

Welcome to our official District Website


Welcome to Luwero District Local Government official Website.  I thank you for taking time to visit us on our website.  As a public institution, we are mandated to transact all business related to service delivery in a transparent and open manner to allow people we serve get a chance to see what we do and raise issues of concern in case of any dissatisfaction in service delivery.

As a district we strive to fulfill our mission of serving the community through coordinated delivery of services which focus on national priorities and significant local needs in order to promote sustainable development of the district,.  We are devoted to offering exceptional services to all our clients and we are focused on doing so in a sustainable manner.  In conjunction with the district security committee, we are dedicated to providing our residents and guests with a conducive and secure environment to live and do business.  This website serves as a valuable tool and is focused on providing up-to-date and timely information on all the developments in the district.
Luwero district is a growing and vibrant district with much to offer its residents, businesses and guests.  The District presents many investment opportunities in all sectors including agriculture, tourism, industry, youthful skills and affordable labor and many other opportunities.  We welcome all who would want to tap these investment opportunities.
Central Government is also supporting the district through various programmes like Luwero/Ruwenzori, Operation Wealth Creation and Local Management Service Delivery which have improved the livelihood of the people and in turn raised their incomes.
As you navigate through the pages of this website, you will realize that many developments that are taking place in Luwero and also know how the investment opportunities can be tapped or else contact us at the District Headquarters or call telephone No. 0393691149 during working hours. Luwero District Headquarters is located sixty four (64) Kms in Luwero Town along Kampala -Gulu Highway.

I welcome you to join us and request you to visit the website as often as possible to stay updated on what is taking place in Luwero.

I thank you

Chief Administrative Officer/Luwero District.