Luwero District Local Government welcomes you to the Official website. Thank you very much for visiting us may God reward you abundantly Welcome Word from Chief Administrative Officer


Luwero district is a growing and vibrant district with much to offer its residents, businesses and guests.  The District presents many investment opportunities in all sectors including agriculture, tourism, industry, youthful skills and affordable labour and many other opportunities.  We welcome all who would want to tap these investment opportunities.

Central Government is also supporting the district through various programmes like Luwero/Ruwenzori, Operation Wealth Creation and Local Management Service Delivery which have improved the livelihood of the people and in turn raised their incomes.

As you navigate through the pages of this website, you will realize that many developments that are taking place in Luwero and also know how the investment opportunities can be tapped or else contact us at the District Headquarters or call telephone No. 0393691149 during working hours. Luwero District Headquarters is located sixty four (64) Kms in Luwero Town along Kampala -Gulu Highway.

I welcome you to join us and request you to visit the website as often as possible to stay updated on what is taking place in Luwero.

I thank you

Gakwandi G. Eustace.

Chief Administrative Officer/Luwero District.