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Mission, Vision and Objective



A harmonious, prosperous and social-economically vibrant district.

Mission Statement

To serve the community through the coordinated delivery of services focusing on national priorities and significant local needs for sustainable development.

The Goal of this Development Plan

To promote effective & efficient service delivery for sustainable development in the next five years.


Objectives of the Development Plan

  • To increase household incomes and promoting equity.
  • To increase the levels of education and literacy.
  • To provide adequate and accessible health services
  • To enhance effective participation of communities in development process
  • To improve stock and quality of strategic infrastructure.
  • To promote descent employment opportunities and labor productivity
  • To ensure food self-sufficiency, food security, and effective marketing of agricultural produce and products.
  • To enhance human capital development
  • To strengthen good governance, security and social accountability.
  • To ensure sustainable use of environment and natural resources
  • To promote climate change adaptation and mitigation measures
  • To promote science, technology innovation and ICT.
  • To identify and collect sufficient revenue to ensure that service delivery standards are met
  • To improve the well-being of vulnerable, marginalized and excluded groups
  • To strengthen coordination, monitoring and evaluation of government programmes.