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Dr J.C Miyingo Giving out items

Meat Processing factory

HE Launched a meat processing factory at Nkondo in Nyimbwa Sub county - Luwero District


Three quarters of Luwero District is covered with Savannah associated with Arrhenius. The District has forests…

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History or Overview


History or Overview

Back ground information.

Before 1974 the present Luwero District was part of the former East Mengo District with its headquarters at Bombo. In 1974 the east Mengo District was split up into two districts namely Mukono with its headquarters in Mukono town and Luwero with its headquarters at Luwero town. By that time the district was composed of four counties namely Buluri, Nakaseke, Katikamu and Bamunanika.

In line with the Decentralization Policy (1993) objectives[1] , In 1997 Buluri County was curved out of Luwero and given a district status as Nakasongola District. Further, in July 2005, Nakaseke County was given a district status leaving the mother district with two counties, that is, Bamunanika and Katikamu.


[1] The Decentralization Policy strategic framework (2006) gives five objectives of Decentralization i.e. a) Transfer real power, functions, responsibilities and resources to LGs to ease the work load of the officers at the centre; b) Bring political and administrative decision making and control over resource allocation and service provision to the point of delivery to enhance effectives, promote a sense of ownership and improve accountability; c) Free local managers from Central Government constraints and enable them to develop effective and effective organizational structures tailored to local circumstances; d) Enhance financial accountability by establishing a clear linkage between the payment of taxes and the provision of services; and e) Improve the LG’s capacity to plan, finance and manage the delivery of services.