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Dr J.C Miyingo Giving out items

Meat Processing factory

HE Launched a meat processing factory at Nkondo in Nyimbwa Sub county - Luwero District


Three quarters of Luwero District is covered with Savannah associated with Arrhenius. The District has forests…

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Administrative Setup


Luwero District Council is the policy-making organ of the Local Government. The District is headed by the LCV Chairperson who is supported by an Executive of members, Sectoral Committees which; deliberate policy matters and make recommendations to the full Council of Councilors, The District Chairperson, directly elected councilors, woman councilors, two representing youth and two representing people with disabilities].

There are 4 statutory bodies, which are;

  • Public Accounts Committee.
  • District Service Commission.
  • District Land Board.
  • District Contracts Committee

Each of these statutory bodies is mandated by law to carry out specific roles and responsibilities to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.

The Resident District Commissioner represents the President in the District and ensures that both National and Local priorities are given due consideration and are implemented in an accountable manner. The office of the Resident District Commissioner is responsible for monitoring all government programs within the District.

The sub counties, parishes and villages have councils and executive committees, which coordinate the various functions.

The Technical team is headed by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), and has functional directorates with staff based at the headquarters, sub-county staff, Primary school teachers and Health workers.

The Committees/Directorates include:

Finance, planning, Administration Investment

MManagement Support Services.

Finance, Planning and Investments

Council, Committee, Commissions and Boards.

Production, Environment and Natural Resource Committee

Production and Marketing.

Natural resources and Environment.

Gender, Labour, Elderly, Community Services and social services

Education and Sports

Health and Environment Sanitation

Community Services

Works and technical committee