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The Administration Department is headed by the Chief Administrative Officer, deputized by the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer and assisted by three Assistant Chief Administrative Officers. (One Principal Assistant Secretary in charge of headquarters and two Senior Assistant Secretaries); The Department has 8 Administrative units which include CAO’S office, Human Resource Management, County Administration, Information & public relations, Office Support Services, Assets Management, Records management and Procurement unit.

Departmental Vision A well-coordinated, efficient, effective and accountable District.

 Mission “To serve the community through the coordinated delivery of services which focus on National priorities and significant local needs in order to promote sustainable development of the District”.

  Mandate: In line with section 64 of the Local Government Act Cap.243, the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Administrative Officer include;

  • To supervise, monitor and coordinate the activities of the District and lower council’s employees and departments and ensure accountability and transparency in the management and delivery of the council’s services; develop capacity for development and management of the planning function in the district;
  • To be responsible for the implementation of all lawful decisions taken by the district council;
  • To give guidance to the local government councils and their departments in the application of the relevant laws and policies;
  • To supervise and coordinate the activities of all delegated services and the officers working in those services;
  • To have custody of all documents and records of the local government council; act as a liaison officer between the district council and the Government.


  • Monitored Government Programmes in the District.
  • In a bid to increase transparency and down ward Accountability several Baraza’s “Bimeza” were conducted in the Sub Counties of Kikyusa, Kamira, Zirobwe and Butuntumula. 
  • Inducted newly recruited Healthy and other traditional staffs through Capacity building Grant.
  •  9  District Technical Committee held;
  • Internal assessment carried out;
  • Board of survey carried out;
  • Paid Salaries to both civil servants and Political Leaders.
  • The Website was re-organized and more pages added.
  • Website information analyzed and updated.
  • Routine monitoring of the website and social media.
  • Social media messages analyzed and feedbacks given to the public.
  • Community awareness of the ongoing government activities in the district.
  • The increased viewership on the website and face book pages.
  • Organizing and re-arranging the district website.
  • In line with capacity Building Guidelines, Management conducted induction of newly recruited staff during the Financial Year 2018/2019 on 17th October 2018.
  • Another training of in-charges of Health Facilities on Performance Management was conducted to equip them with skills in Human Resource Management, reporting and accountability.
  • Hon Speaker, Ministry of Public Service responded to our request for the authority to recruit staff for departments with adequate wage.  Also internal recruitment was conducted for staff in the departments of Finance, Audit and Administration. Find in the table below implementation of the District Service Commission Resolutions.


Administration department expenditure priorities for the ensuring fiscal year FY 2019/20 will mainly focus on the following issues;

(i)                 To fill all the vacant posts of Heads of Departments, Units, and parish chiefs, Town Agents, Engineers and Human Resource Cadres.

(ii)              To increase the staffing level for District Local Government from 76% to 80%

(iii)            To increase on the coverage and publication of council activities in the FY 2019/20, on radios, newspapers and magazines; also maintenance of the district website and publication of the District profile by information Office.

(iv)             To create space for Pension Registry and 2 filing Cabinets for the Registry.

(v)               To pay the Outstanding Salary arrears Shs 288,140,496 and deduction arrears of Shs 183,847,627.

(vi)             To pay the Outstanding Pension and gratuity arrears of Shs 738,928,572

(vii)          To improve on the monitoring staff attendance on duty for effective service delivery

(viii)        To improve on the sanitation and renovation office blocks at the District Headquarters

(ix)              To acquire a Camera for the Information and Public relations Office.

(x)               Monitor all Government programs with official launching and handle over.


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